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Rajvisa POS Solution Advantages

As your sales grow, so does the burden on your team to support the wide range of configurable terminal solutions of your expanding customer base. Let Rajvisa Deployment Solutions help ease your resource constraints with our POS deployment services that deliver consistent, reliable, and accurate POS implementation direct to your merchants based on your requirements. You choose the support you need. Whether your business requires complete POS Deployment support or you simply could use some supplemental deployment support for your current process, Rajvisa Payment Solutions can provide the level of support that helps you streamline your operations to ensure you have the time and resources to provide the best support for your merchants.

Key Components

    1. Fast POS Fulfillment – POS order fulfillment is completed within 24 hours of confirmed order placement
    1. Hardware Compliance – Rajvisa Deployment Solutions’s PIN injection capabilities ensure that your customers have industry compliant hardware
    1. Quality Control – An expert POS deployment fulfillment team handles downloads, checks configuration, kitting and supplies
  1. Dedicated Support – A dedicated, responsive Relationship Manager assigned to your account makes certain you have a reliable contact available to discuss your needs and find solutions that will best accommodate your business model